How to start Morgan Racing

Buy a Morgan!

To compete in the Morgan Race Series you will need a 4-wheeler Morgan (of whatever model or vintage) which complies with the regulations. These can be seen on the Morgan racing web site

It is a good idea to have a chat with some current Morgan racers or specialists to find out the best entry level car for you. If you need advice on preparing your car for racing and what is involved there are plenty of people in our race series who can advise you. Contact our Series Co-ordinator, Kate Orebi Gann (see right for details) and she will point you in the right direction, depending on your geographical location.

Try a track day

If you are excited by the idea of racing, but have not been on a track before, you could have a taster by taking part in a track day.

The Morgan Sports Car Club track day at Mallory Park provides a good opportunity to try your car out on the track in an informal way. The event is usually over-subscribed so if you are a member of the club you are advised to get your name down early. Details are on the club web site

Track days offer you the chance to explore your car's potential in a controlled environment. You could also try circuit driver tuition which will help you when you come to take your ARDS (Association of Racing Driving Schools) course which you will have to complete to obtain your race licence. An internet search will provide plenty of ideas and opportunites for track days and tuition.

Apply for a Go Racing – Driver Pack

The MSA (Motor Sports Association) is the governing body of motor sport in the UK and is responsible for issuing licences. Apply to the MSA for your pack which will cost you £51.00 (inc VAT)

The Go Racing Driver Pack includes the MSA Competitor's Yearbook (the Blue Book) which contains technical rules and regulations and a list of ARDS schools; an ARDS VHS Video/DVD, which contains information on what is required on the ARDS test, and how to fill out the Novice application form. There is also a Silverstone DVD which promotes the Silverstone ARDS course.

To order your pack on the internet go to, click Getting Started and then go to Novice Race Driver Pack MSA or click here. If you prefer you can write to the MSA at Motor Sports House, Riverside Park, Colnbrook, SL3 0HG or telephone 01753 765000.


The application form in the pack will include a medical form which your GP or another doctor has to complete. You will have to pay your GP a fee for this and it varies but is usually around £50-£75. Assuming that you pass the medical (including an eye-sight and colour blindness test) you must then book your ARDS course.

ARDS Course

The Association of Racing Driving Schools, which are situated at most of the race circuits in the UK, run one-day courses which include theory tests of your basic knowledge of motor sport (flag signals etc) and a practical test of your ability to drive safely around a circuit.

The basic ARDS session typically consists of an initial briefing with an instructor showing you the circuit, braking points and lines in a classroom situation. This is followed by a driving session; first with an instructor driving, then you driving under instruction which is followed by your observed laps with no input from the instructor/examiner. Once you have completed this it is back into the classroom to take the written test.

The main circuits currently running courses are

Anglesey North Wales T: 01407 840 253
Castle Combe Wiltshire T: 01249 782 417
Croft N Yorks T: 01325 721 815
Goodwood W Sussex T: 01243 528815
Kirkistown N Ireland T: 02890 507 010
Knockhill Fife T: 01383 723 337
Mallory Park Leics T: 01455 841 670
Oulton Park Cheshire T: 0870 512 5250
Pembrey Carmarthenshire T: 01554 891 042
Silverstone Northhants T: 08704 588 212
Three Sisters Lancashire T: 01942 270 230
Thruxton Hants T: 01264 882 222

Choose from any of the schools in the Blue Book (listed under Race and Rally Schools in the green pages at the end of the book). It has been the experience of some new drivers that the Silverstone course does promote its other courses rather enthusiastically. We have heard varying reports of ARDS courses and you are advised to consult our Series Co-Ordinator for the latest thinking on the best ones. Costs vary too, so do some research and make sure you know what is on offer. Silverstone charged £350 in 2006 for a one-day course.

Race Licence

Assuming that you pass your ARDS course, you can then apply to the MSA for your National B Race Licence for which you pay an additional fee.

Join the Morgan Sports Car Club

You have to be a member of the club to register for the race series, for information on how to join go to

Register with the Morgan Race Series

To race in the Morgan Series you must register for which there is an annual fee. For details contact our Series Co-ordinator Kate Orebi Gann (see details below) or to download the Regs see

Circuit information

There is a very useful publication called the UK Circuit Guide. It contains general information about all UK circuits including how to get there, where to stay and maps of the circuits with advice on the best lines through the corners. A good investment for the complete novice and a handy book of reference for everyone.

How to prepare your car

The first step is to talk to someone who is already racing a Morgan or who specialises in preparing them for racing. There are plenty of specialists around and now that you have joined the Morgan Sports Car Club you will find that they all advertise in the club monthy magazine Miscellany. If you wish to make contact with other racers you can either ask our Series Co-ordinator for contact information, have a look on Mogsport for infomation about other drivers or ask in the forum there.

Most obvious requirements are:

  • Plumbed-in fire extinguisher
  • Roll bar
  • Battery isolator switch
  • Full safety harness
  • Towing eyes
  • Transponder (can be hired on the day)

The transponder costs about £200 for a direct powered type (AMB), and can be bought from many places on the internet – or the rechargeable type can normally be hired on the day at the meeting for about £25.

All of these are strictly regulated by the MSA and it is imperative that you fit the latest and best possible equipment to your car.

What to wear

You must wear approved clothing including crash helmet and fireproof overalls, and it is advisable also to wear fireproof gloves, balaclava, socks, underwear and shoes.

When buying any equipment make sure that you know the latest regulations as some items have a limited life. Bear in mind that the standards for these are reviewed each year so it is probably advisable to wait until you have your copy of the current MSA Competitors' Yearbook (the Blue Book) before committing to the expense. This also ensures that you are not sold something which is not suitable for car racing – helmets are a prime example.

Mary Lindsay